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Welcome to a comprehensive guide on creating a wheel in Little Alchemy! You’ve come to the right site if you enjoy playing this well-known online game and want to learn how to master the creation of various aspects.

We’ll walk you through five simple stages in this article to help you create the ideal wheel in Little Alchemy. Our detailed instructions will help you discover the game’s secrets whether you’re a novice or an advanced player seeking to increase your knowledge.

Let’s get started and discover how to make a wheel in Little Alchemy.

Understanding about making a wheel in little alchemy

Little Alchemy is a captivating puzzle game that allows you to explore the world of combining elements to form new ones. One of the early and essential creations in the game is the wheel. Although making a wheel may seem like a challenging task at first, the process is engaging and rewarding.

We will guide you through the step-by-step process to create a wheel in Little Alchemy, enabling you to unlock further combinations and delve deeper into the game’s enchanting universe.

The game “Little Alchemy” includes fusing various components to produce new ones. In Little Alchemy, you must combine the elements of wood and stone to create a wheel.

Here are detailed steps of this game that how to make a wheel in little alchemy.

Five easy steps to make a wheel in little alchemy

Ever pondered Little Alchemy’s wheel creation process? We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry. You can get rolling in about 5 simple steps. In the addicting world-building game Little Alchemy, you can mix simple substances to make more intricate things.

Over 500 different items can be created starting with only air, earth, fire, and water. A significant invention that creates a wealth of brand-new creative opportunities is the wheel.

So whip out your laptop, iPad, or phone, and let’s start making. By the time this little tutorial is finished, you’ll have learned about the wheel and be well on your way to discovering intriguing new components.

The wheel is an innovative invention!

1: Gather the Ingredients: Earth, Stone, and Fire

In Little Alchemy, you need three fundamental materials to create a wheel: fire, stone, and earth.

  • Begin with the earth,  In Little Alchemy, this serves as both your starting ingredient and the basis for many other goods. Earth is a metaphor for soil, dirt, land, the ground, etc.
  • Next, combine earth and fire to create the stone. The ground becomes stone-hard through fire. Stone offers durability and hardness.
  • Two of the three components required to create a wheel are now in your possession: stone and earth. The last component is fire. Fire is a symbol of vitality, warmth, and heat.
  • Stone and fire are combined to create a wheel. The stone is molded and shaped by the fire into a wheel-like shape. One of the most significant inventions made by humans is the wheel.

There it is—a wheel constructed in just four straightforward steps. You now possess the capability to progress civilization with the aid of earth, stone, fire, and a little alchemical magic! At least in Little

Alchemy’s tiny universe. Enjoy using your new wheel to create ceramics or even a cart. Once you master the basics, the options are limitless. 

2: Combine Earth and Stone to Make Mud

In Little Alchemy, you must begin with the fundamentals in order to create a wheel. Mud is first created by mixing dirt and stone. For sculpting and molding new parts, mud is necessary.

Stone + Earth = Mud

Next, combine that muck with air to allow it to dry out. Wet mud becomes clay when it dries out in the air.

Air + Mud = Clay

Now, roll and mold that clay into a basic wheel shape using a circular form. You can create a wheel by heating the clay wheel in the fire to make it harder.

Fire + wheel-shaped clay = wheel.

In Little Alchemy, a wheel leads to a whole new universe of exploration. Now you can create mills, pottery, wagons, and more. The wheel changes the game. You’ll be rolling in no time with a little soil, stone, air, fire, and patience.

Making a wheel might seem difficult at first, but if you follow these straightforward instructions, you’ll get the hang of it quickly. Now get out there and create; once you get your creative juices flowing, the possibilities are unlimited!

3: Add Fire to the Mud to Create Clay

You must first make clay by combining mud and fire in order to make a wheel.

Add Fire to Mud

  • Find the mud you made in the earlier stage. To choose it, tap on it.
  • After that, tap the fire element to choose it.
  • Tap the combine button at the bottom of the screen after selecting both mud and fire.
  • Fire and mud will combine to form clay. The clay icon will show up on the screen.

Congratulations, you now possess clay that can be molded into several shapes. In Little Alchemy, clay is a highly helpful element. It serves as the foundation for numerous subsequent inventions, including pottery, wheels, and bricks.

You can think of clay as a combination of earth, water, and heat. By combining the mud (earth + water) with the fire (heat) to create clay in the game, we are imitating this procedure. 

The ability to create and use clay for things like bricks and pottery allowed for the creation of many significant technologies. Particularly, wheels transformed mobility and transportation. You can make a wheel very easily once you have clay.

This straightforward but revolutionary idea can be made from clay, which serves as the basic material. The subsequent steps will demonstrate how to shape the generated clay into a wheel. You’ll soon be rolling with a little practice!

4: Leave the Clay to Harden Into Ceramics

It’s time to form the clay into a wheel once you have it. As the clay must be allowed to dry and set before making ceramics, this stage calls for patience.

Dry the clay.

Set the clay aside to thoroughly air dry after shaping it into a circular with a hole in the center. Normally, this takes a day or two. Check on your creation often while it dries. If cracks appear, gently smooth them out with your fingers. You want a smooth, uninterrupted surface.

  • Make sure the clay is kept away from direct heat and in an area with excellent airflow. It works nicely to use a table or countertop in a spare room.
  • Refrain from using heat to hasten the drying process.

Clay is heated in a kiln.

It’s time to fire your clay in order to transform it into ceramics. Your wheel should be loaded into the kiln after being placed on a shelf. Convert the kiln to cone 04, or roughly 1945°F. Fire the kiln and let it finish cooling.

  • Clay is chemically converted into ceramics when fired in a kiln, making it extremely durable and rock-hard.
  • When loading and emptying the kiln, exercise extreme caution because the shelves and kiln walls will be quite hot.
  • Before emptying your wheel, give the kiln as least 8 hours to cool.

Finishing touches

Your wheel is prepared for the finishing touches once it has cooled. You could want to smooth out any jagged edges or flaws. The wheel can also be customized by painting or glazing it. The center hole needs to be covered with a hubcap before your wheel is ready to be displayed or used for crafts.

Although the drying and fire process takes time, the result is a wheel that will last for many years. Enjoy your accomplishment since you are making something with your own two hands that will be passed down for many years.

5: Combine Ceramics and Stone to Take the Wheel

Stone and ceramics must be combined to create the wheel. Two of the four fundamental elements in Little Alchemy are ceramics and stone, along with air and water.

Make ceramics

To make ceramics, blend:

Earth and fire

Clay and fire

Ceramics can be made using either combination. Pottery, dishes, bricks, and other burnt earthy materials are all examples of ceramics.

Put Stones

Since stone is one of the initial four fundamental components, you start off with it. Rocks, boulders, pebbles, and minerals are all represented by stone.

Combine stone and ceramics

Once you have stone and ceramics, combine them to create a wheel:

  • On the left side of the screen, select Ceramics.
  • On the right side of the screen, select stone.
  • At the bottom, a new item called “wheel” will show up.

The invention of the wheel was crucial in transforming business and transportation. You’ve made this significant discovery by fusing flexible ceramics with tough, long-lasting stones.

Now, other essential goods like carts, wagons, pottery wheels, mills, and gears may be made from wheels. Continue experimenting by fusing the wheel with other objects like wood, metal, and containers. New developments are coming! Rediscover and reimagine the most significant works of human invention as you let your creativity run free.


To conclude we may say that, how to make a wheel in little alchemy is a general question about this field which is asked. I can give you a broad notion of how to create a wheel in the Little Alchemy game, though. In Little Alchemy, you usually need two materials to construct a wheel: transportation and metal.

These two things can be combined to make a wheel. Keep in mind that in Little Alchemy, mixing various elements frequently results in the opening of new products and combinations.

There are countless opportunities to create and start over once you have the power of alchemy in your hands. Continue your research, your blending, and most importantly, your discovery. You can re-create the world however you choose!


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