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There is a wide variety of vehicle types available, but midsize SUVs are among the most popular right now. Midsize SUVs are a great compromise between little and full-size vehicles; they’re roomy, stylish, and functional without being expensive, making them suitable for families.  Midsize luxury SUVs are the next level. With a tech-laden cabin, a silky smooth ride, and a luxury interior, these upscale vehicles combine practicality with style. 

There are a variety of midsize SUVs to choose from, including pricey luxury models like the X5 and GLE from Mercedes-Benz and Honda, as well as more budget options like the Palisade from Hyundai and the Telluride from Kia.

There have been and will be a plethora of upgrades to midsize SUVs this year. This is a very competitive market, and in 2024, manufacturers like Hyundai, Kia, and Mazda will all introduce new models.

Here are top three midsize SUV in 2024, you should consider.

Top 3 Midsize SUVs

1: 2024 Honda Passport

Among SUVs, the Honda Passport offers exceptional versatility. In addition to its athletic demeanor and performance, it provides a pleasant ride, ample storage capacity, and respectable gas mileage. It has a ton of storage space inside, works well with smartphones, and has a decent list of regular functions.

The 2024 Honda Passport fills the role of the archetypal middle child, quietly forging its own identity between the larger three-row Pilot and the best-selling CR-V compact crossover. A great deal of popular psychology goes into claiming that the five-seat, two-row Passport is comparable to both while still holding its place in the market.

The all-terrain tires and trail-tuned suspension of the Passport’s updated TrailSport version for 2024 make it stand out even more. This year, Honda claims the TrailSport has better off-road traction thanks to upgraded tires and suspension.

How to drive a passport?

When it comes to the feel of being behind the wheel, the Passport is simply unrivaled. The nine-speed transmission shifts with ease, and the standard V6 engine provides strong acceleration. Edmunds found a 0-60 mph time of 6.8 seconds, which is competitive with the best in its class. Additionally, the Passport has above-average handling qualities.

The Midsize SUV feels agile and snappy thanks to its finely weighted handling. However, it may be better. Despite having a consistent feel and being easy to modulate while driving normally, the brakes might be a little squishy when applying heavy pressure. A little nosedive might make abrupt stops feel a little uneasy, too. 

Is the Passport a comfy ride? 

The Passport offers ample room and a cozy interior. The Passport’s suspension manages big body motions and tiny bumps equally well, despite the significantly firmer ride compared to the similar Honda Pilot. The front seats are roomy and comfy, but they don’t provide much support. Additionally, the back seats that recline are really cozy.

What about the inside? 

The Passport has an elegantly crafted cabin. There is plenty of space for both the driver and passengers’ legs and heads, and three persons can seat comfortably in the rear. Although shorter people may find it more difficult to get in or out of the Passport due to its slightly higher seating position compared to competitors, the large door apertures mitigate this issue.

You can see clearly in every way. This infotainment system is a breeze to operate thanks to the snappy and colorful touchscreen. It is convenient to have buttons and knobs for different settings and operations. The novel shifter, which has a push-button design, is space-saving but awkward at first. 

Is the technology working properly? 

You may find almost any function you might desire in a modern technological device in the Passport. The premium audio system that is available does a good job of filling the interior with sound. For simple map zooming and rotating, the navigation system reacts fast to swipe and pinch actions. All Passport models include built-in support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You may find nearly every modern advanced driver aid technology here, and they’re all standard.

How does it fare on gas? 

The EPA has estimated a combined fuel economy of 21 mpg for the AWD Passport, placing it around the middle of the pack for midsize SUVs. Consistent with EPA predictions, our real-world testing route yielded an average of approximately 22 mpg. 

How much does the Passport cost? 

Despite its ordinary class pricing, the Passport feels like a steal thanks to its roomy cabin, pleasant ride, and high-quality materials and craftsmanship. A combination of high-gloss black accents, matte-finish secondary controls, and soft-touch plastics on the dashboard create an attractive and comfortable interior. There is uniform spacing between the panels. There is a three-year, 36,000-mile basic warranty and roadside assistance available, and a five-year, 60,000-mile guarantee for the powertrain. 

2: 2023 Subaru Outback

The Outback is unpretentious and still manages to outdo most SUVs in every category. It has all the best features of midsize SUV—a high ride quality, sturdy construction, and all-weather traction—plus the practicality, comfort, easy-driving nature, and great visibility of a station wagon. There are more positives than negatives, although we do have some complaints.

With its hybrid design, the 2023 Subaru Outback combines elements of both wagons and SUVs to provide you a very adaptable car.

Its wagon-like shape may limit its maximum storage space compared to other midsize SUVs, but its lower-than-average roof makes loading up the roof easier. The conventional all-wheel drive and high ground clearance of this SUV make it ideal for exploring uncharted off-road terrain or navigating bad weather.

How to drive an Outback?

There isn’t much of a downside to this category other than the Outback’s slowness. We timed 8.8 seconds from 0 to 60 mph in our test vehicle, an Outback Limited equipped with the standard four-cylinder engine. To acquire power comparable to competitors like the Ford Edge and Honda Passport, you should upgrade to the turbocharged engine.

Thankfully, the gearbox is very responsive, allowing you to keep up with the traffic. In most situations, the Outback is a well-behaved horse, albeit it does exhibit some notable body roll while turning. You get a nice sense of being on center and feedback from the road as you turn the wheel.  The Outback has 8.7 inches of ground clearance and comes standard with all-wheel drive, so it can tackle most terrains that its SUV rivals can’t. 

How pleasant is a stay in the Outback? 

For the price, you won’t find a more accommodating car. Your front seats will be fantastic. They provide adequate support without being too tight; they are supple but supportive. The seats are comfortable all around; they’re great for settling into after a long day and will keep you there for hours.

Even though some road surfaces might cause vibrations in the cabin, the Outback generally has an outstanding ride quality. The vehicle doesn’t really float, but it absorbs bumps in the road like speed humps and drainage ditches with ease.

Compliance and control are skillfully balanced. Cooling the cabin is a breeze with the climate control system. The complex touchscreen interface is necessary for any modifications other than temperature, which is a major drawback.

How does it fare on gas? 

With the standard engine, you may expect higher gas mileage than the competition, according to the EPA, at 29 mpg combined city/highway. Unfortunately, we were only able to get about 20 mpg while testing the Outback. This might be due to the fact that keeping up with heavy traffic requires a more nimble approach due to the weak power source. 

Is there a decent deal on an Outback? 

Otherwise, the Outback is a great buy, even if most of its rivals come with more powerful base engines. No functionality is missing from the base model. Plus, it’s cheaper than rivals with comparable equipment when outfitted with additional conveniences and technological innovations. To get closer to the pricing points of Midsize SUVs, you’ll need the more powerful XT versions, which alters the equation slightly.

3: 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee

There are several positive aspects to the Jeep Grand Cherokee. It has real off-road prowess, is rather roomy, and has class-leading towing capacity. We particularly appreciate the modern driving aids that are well-tuned and contribute to a safer and easier driving experience.

When it comes to value, the Grand Cherokee falls short. Its price tags put it squarely in the premium category, and it lacks the standard equipment of competing models.

With the 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee, you may have all the comfort, elegance, and refinement you need on a driving excursion through the countryside. The off-road prowess, plush cabin, and rugged good looks of this two-row midsize SUV make it an intriguing prospect for traversing difficult terrain.

That features alone makes the Grand Cherokee stand out, but it also comes with three engine options, one of which is the 4xe plug-in hybrid, which is reviewed separately on Edmunds. Require extra space? A three-row Grand Cherokee L is also available.

What is the Grand Cherokee’s driving style? 

The Grand Cherokee’s base V6 engine isn’t exactly thrill-seeking. We found that the 0-60 mph time was around 8.0 seconds, which is somewhat slow for a midsize SUV with five passengers. Noticeably speedier is the 4xe plug-in hybrid powertrain that is available. You can confidently and easily come to a stop thanks to the brakes.

The steering is also great because it’s light but precise. The Grand Cherokee lacks in terms of athleticism. It’s not an awkward SUV, but it has ordinary handling and lacks fun for the driver. A ray of hope is that the Grand Cherokee outperforms the majority of midsize crossover SUVs when it comes to off-road capability. 

Is the Grand Cherokee a comfy vehicle?

Here we have the Grand Cherokee highlighted in all its glory. No matter how lengthy the journey, you will be able to relax on the front seats. With the optional air suspension, you can smooth out road imperfections without experiencing a floaty ride.

There were four separate climate controls available, and our Grand Cherokee had them all. It keeps the temperature where we want it to, but even with the fans turned on full blast, it didn’t produce quite enough airflow.

The Grand Cherokee failed in one respect: the amount of road noise it produced when traveling on highways was quite excessive for an SUV of its price range.

How does it fare on gas? 

As compared to other midsize SUVs, the Grand Cherokee achieves better gas mileage, with an estimated 22 mpg on the highway. Based on our own real-world testing, we have determined that the EPA’s estimates are within reach. 

Is the Grand Cherokee an affordable option? 

The Grand Cherokee has a very wide market position. The Grand Cherokee entry-level is budget-friendly, but it lacks the features of more expensive models. There are also fully equipped variants, like as the one we tested.

Its price tag reflects its status as a luxury vehicle, yet the inside is surprisingly pleasant and it offers features seldom seen in its market. Regardless, the pairing isn’t ideal.


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