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Are you tired and weary of your steering wheel’s dull and worn-out appearance? Putting a steering wheel cover on the steering is a great option if you want to give your car a brand-new look without spending a fortune. It improves your car’s cosmetic appeal while also giving you more grip and comfort when driving.

We will walk you through the straightforward how to put a steering wheel cover on the installation of a steering wheel cover in this step-by-step manual, making it a straightforward and hassle-free DIY project.

This article will make sure that you update your vehicle quickly, whether you’re a car aficionado or a novice in the world of automotive customizing.

A trendy and customizable design that represents your individuality and improves your driving experience will replace an outmoded steering wheel.

Let’s begin changing your steering wheel into a remarkable object.

What is the Steering wheel cover?

A sort of steering control in cars is a steering wheel, often known as a driving wheel or a hand wheel. The majority of contemporary land vehicles, including all mass-produced cars, buses, light and large trucks, as well as tractors, have steering wheels.

A steering wheel cover is a protective accessory that slips over the steering wheel of a car. It is designed to improve grip, prevent wear and tear, and add a decorative touch to the interior of the vehicle.

Steering wheel covers are made from a variety of materials such as leather, suede, fabric, or rubber and come in different colors, patterns, and sizes to fit various types of steering wheels. They are easy to install and remove and are usually affordable.

The rest of the steering system reacts to these inputs from the driver.

This can be done directly mechanically, as in the case of rack and pinion or recirculating ball steering gears, without or with the use of hydraulic power steering (HPS), or, as in some contemporary production cars, with the aid of computer-controlled motors (also known as electric power steering).

What’s the function of the steering wheel and its cover

It goes without saying that a steering wheel and the mechanism it is connected to are what largely control a vehicle’s direction. It causes the front wheels of the car to swivel in response to the driver’s rotational commands.

The steering system’s joints and hydraulic lines allow the driver’s movement to eventually reach the rubber as it contacts the road.

A steering wheel cover serves a number of purposes, including preserving the steering wheel’s appearance and cleanliness for a longer period of time by shielding it from deterioration, sun damage, and dirt. Particularly on extended trips, it offers a superior grip and a more comfortable driving experience.

Because there are so many different colors, textures, and designs to choose from, it is a simple method to give the interior of the car a customized touch. Some coverings might be made with extra safety features, like padded grips or anti-slip materials, to assist reduce accidents on the road.

Easiest Way to Put on a Steering Wheel Cover?

The steering wheel cover can be installed using one of two techniques. It can be attached to your steering wheel by stretching or stitching.

But each of these approaches has its own challenges. 

The Stretching Method:

How to put a steering wheel cover on the steering,

here are the steps to take if you need to stretch out the cover to fit your steering wheel: 

  • First, carefully clean the steering wheel. Although vinyl cleaners would be preferable, you might use a soft towel or tissues. Cleaning is essential since grease and grime buildup on your steering over time might result in bacteria under your cover.  
  • Use a blow dryer to heat the interior of the steering cover for 10 seconds. Set the dryer on the maximum heat setting to thoroughly reheat the cover.  
  • Take a seat in your car’s driver’s seat. Align the cover with the steering wheel while maintaining a straight line of travel. Stretch out the cover before you begin fastening it from the top.
  • Pull the steering wheel cover down in step four. Pull the cover down with all your strength to secure it properly to the steering. 

The Stitching Method:

All the materials required to embroider a steering wheel cover will be included with the kit if you order one.  

  • First, position the steering wheel in the middle and cover it. Using the provided adhesive or tape, secure the interior of the cover.  
  • Thread the needle with the lacing string that is provided. Pass the needle through the stitched thread or the pre-punched holes. Start with the inside hole that is nearest to you. To seal both sides, insert the needle through the opposite side. 
  • Continue sewing through the pre-punched holes to fasten it to your steering wheel. 
  • Tie a knot at the end of the stitching when it is finished.

General Method: Step by Step Guide on How to Easily Install a Steering Wheel Cover

Step by Step Guide on How to Easily Install a Steering Wheel Cover

A steering wheel cover gives your car’s interior some beauty and gives you a pleasant grip while you’re driving. Anyone with a few simple tools and sometimes can complete the installation of a steering wheel cover.

This step-by-step tutorial will take you through the entire installation process for a steering wheel cover, including removing the previous cover (if necessary) and testing the finished product.

A steering wheel cover can be installed with considerable ease.

Here is a step-by-step instruction to easily install the steering wheel cover.

  1. Gathering Materials

It’s important to acquire all the required components before you start installing a steering wheel cover. What you’ll need is as follows:

  • Steering Wheel Cover: Pick a cover that properly encloses your steering wheel. For comfort and aesthetics, take into account the grip, material, and design.
  • Before installation, the steering wheel is cleaned with rubbing alcohol. Make sure you have a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a paper towel or clean cloth nearby.
  • Scissors: To trim any extra material from the cover during installation, you might need to use scissors.
  • Safety Pins (Optional): If the cover contains loops or straps, you can add safety pins to keep it in place.

After assembling these components, you can move on to the subsequent steps to put a steering wheel cover on 

  1. If applicable, remove the old steering wheel cover

If there is an existing steering wheel cover, you must take it off before you can install a new one. Look for any clips, straps, or fasteners that are holding the current cover in place as you first examine it. Remove these parts with care, being careful not to scratch the steering wheel. Remove the old steering wheel cover by carefully pulling it off once all the attachments have been taken off.

  1. Wash the steering wheel

It’s crucial to properly clean the steering wheel after removing the old cover. Remove any dirt, dust, or residue that may have gathered on the surface of the steering wheel by wiping it off with a soft cloth and a light detergent or upholstery cleaner. Pay close attention to any grooves or nooks where dirt might be clinging. Before moving on to the following step, properly dry the steering wheel after cleaning it.

  1. Get the Cover Ready

The new steering wheel cover needs to be prepared for installation before you can install it. Leather, synthetic leather, and fabric are common materials used to make steering wheel covers. Applying a tiny amount of leather conditioner to the leather cover may help maintain it soft and stop it from breaking over time if it is made of leather. Make sure the fabric cover is clean and free of any lint or debris if it is made of cloth.

  1. Start draping the steering wheel

Place the cover over the top of the steering wheel, making that the center hole coincides with the center of the wheel, to begin the installation. While using your other hand to begin drawing the cover down over one side of the wheel, hold the cover in place with one hand. Stretching the cover as you go will ensure a tight fit as you work your way around the wheel. The cover should not sag or wrinkle and should fit snugly.

  1. Rotate the wheel’s cover

There may be certain spots where the cover doesn’t fit completely as you move the cover around the wheel. In these situations, gently stretch and pull the cover to guarantee a snug fit. If necessary, you can slightly warm up the cover by using a hairdryer on a low heat setting; this will make it more malleable and simpler to stretch.

  1. Tuck Extra Fabric

You could have some extra fabric at the bottom once the cover has been properly wrapped around the steering wheel. To give the cover and wheel a tidy, streamlined appearance, tuck the extra fabric there using your fingers. Spend some time here to make sure the surplus material is evenly and securely tucked around the whole circle of the wheel.

  1. Glue the Wheel Cover on it

You might need to secure additional bolts or attachments to hold your steering wheel cover in place, depending on the style you have. Straps, clips, or adhesive strips may be a part of this. For a secure fit, connect these parts in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. To prevent the cover from slipping or shifting while driving, make sure they are securely fixed or tightened.

  1. Finish the Installation

Take a minute to review the installation after the lid is fastened and if additional fasteners have been added. With your hands, gently adjust the cover to remove any wrinkles or uneven patches. Make that the steering wheel cover is properly positioned and aligned. This step is essential to producing a polished and professional appearance.

  1. Test the steering wheel cover

It’s time to test the steering wheel cover now that the installation is complete. Take a seat in the driver’s seat and firmly grasp the steering wheel. Inspect the cover’s texture with your hands. It ought to provide a cozy and stable grip, improving your driving pleasure. To make sure the cover stays in place and doesn’t affect your ability to manage the vehicle, turn the steering wheel in various directions.

Go back and inspect the fasteners and attachments if you experience any problems throughout the test, such as the cover slipping or feeling flimsy. Make any changes required to guarantee a proper fit and secure installation.

How to Measure the Steering Wheel?

Find the steering wheel’s center before taking a measurement of it. Then, extend the measuring tape across the center point and from one wheel edge to the other. Note the measurement in centimeters or inches. You will learn the steering wheel’s diameter from this.

Additionally, you can gauge the circumference by wrapping the measuring tape around the steering wheel’s outer edge and recording the result.

Which Type of Steering Wheel Covers Are Good?

There are a few alternatives that are regarded as good ones when it comes to steering wheel cover kinds. Using a leather steering wheel cover is one common option. Leather is long-lasting, comfortable to hold, and gives the interior of your car a sense of class.

A silicone or rubber steering wheel cover is an additional smart choice. These coverings provide a firm grip and are frequently heat- and cold-resistant, making them appropriate for use in all weather conditions.

Neoprene steering wheel coverings are also frequently advised due to their strength and resistance to wear and tear. The ideal steering wheel cover will ultimately depend on your preferences and requirements.

Are Steering Wheel Cover Sizes Universal?

No, there are no standard sizes for steering wheel covers. Depending on the brand and model of the vehicle, they can change. Before investing in a steering wheel cover, it’s critical to ascertain the proper size for your particular car.


This article briefly tackles the question “How to put a steering wheel cover” steering Finally, fitting a steering wheel cover is a fairly easy task that can be carried out with a few simple tools and some perseverance.

You can quickly install a steering wheel cover and improve the comfort and style of the inside of your car by following this step-by-step guide.

Remember to clean the steering wheel, prepare the cover, work it around the wheel, tuck in extra fabric, attach it securely, and complete the installation. If necessary, remember to also remove the old cover.

Test the cover one last time to make sure it fits and functions properly. Every time you step behind the wheel, you may benefit from a sleek update and a comfortable grip thanks to a new steering wheel cover.

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