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There are several reasons why your car alarm might go off on its own, so you should have this inconvenient issue resolved as soon as possible.

It might be an indication that something in your car is not functioning as it should, in addition to being a very obnoxious sound for you and anyone around you to hear.

There are several potential causes for your car alarm keeps going off on its own, and occasionally you won’t be able to fix the issue on your own.

Finding a car alarm repair expert who can identify the issue and stop the startling sound is the best line of action!

Let’s dive into the possibilities of car alarm keeps going off and ways to resolve this problem.

Why would your Car Alarm Keeps Going Off randomly?

Your car alarm can off due to number of reasons, some of them are given below:

Battery Low:

When your vehicle alarm goes off on its own and your battery is low, it’s a strong sign that there’s a problem. The alarm system in your car alerts you when your battery is low, something that most drivers are unaware of and which you should definitely get looked out.

When your car alarm goes off and you attempt to start the engine, you can pretty safely identify this as the cause.

If this occurs, use a voltmeter to check the voltage in your battery.

If it’s lower than what your owner’s handbook says, be sure to take it to the garage so a professional can examine it or replace it.

Wiring Damage

Problems with your electric wiring may occasionally be the cause of your car alarm keeps going off at random. You can try to troubleshoot if this is the problem by checking for additional symptoms.

It’s possible that the electrics are broken or have unplugged entirely.

For instance, you might discover that your car’s horn is honking without you touching it or that your headlights are flashing; these are all possible indications that there has been a disruption in the wiring of your auto alarm.

Dead key fob battery

When you push the button on your key fob, a radio transmitter within your car transmits a signal to the receiver device, locking or unlocking the automobile.

Your key fob may sustain damage over time, rendering the transmitter signal inoperable.

This can malfunction and prevent the signal from reaching the receiver, which can occasionally result in the car alarm going off on its own.

Faulty door lock sensor

In order to ensure that no one is attempting to enter your car, the car alarm also keeps an eye on your door locks.

Your car alarm may eventually go off at random if your door lock sensor is malfunctioning and mistakenly understood that the doors are being unlocked.

It might be difficult to identify this on your own, so the best course of action is to have a professional auto locksmith come out and solve the issue for you.

How to Fix when Car Alarm Keeps Going Off:

Depending on the specifics of the problem, you can attempt some of the following actions to stop your car alarm keeps going off :

  • Lock and open the driver’s side door using the key. By using the right car key to unlock the door, you can potentially turn off the alarm by informing the alarm system that the right key has been used.
  • Using the key to start the car can reset the alarm, which is designed to stop someone without a key from stealing your vehicle.
  • Certain vehicles have more difficult alarm system shutoff procedures. If you’re unsure, consulting your owner’s manual is the best course of action.
  • The solution of turning off your automobile alarm truly relies on what the problem is. If you have malfunctioning sensors or wiring, it can be as easy as going to make sure all of your doors are closed correctly. If not, you might require more specialized help.
  • Try turning the ignition to the “on” position or starting the engine if opening the door doesn’t work. This may silence your alert, if the car permits it, at least while you come up with a longer-term fix. While some automobiles’ ignitions are located behind the push-button starter (which may be removed), other cars have key holes located in odder locations.
  • You should be able to manually deactivate your alarm if it is an aftermarket model that you had installed. See the instruction booklet if you are unable to locate the switch or button.


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