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Minivans and station wagons were the main vehicles used for people hauling years ago, but SUVs have already surpassed minivans in popularity, and station wagons are all but gone.

The SUV’s numerous seating options for families of all sizes are key factors in its popularity. For larger families, there are 7- and 8-passenger variants available.

An eight-person SUV is simply too big for a lot of families, but a seven-person SUV typically has captain’s chairs in the second row, which are really comfortable and make a perfect place for adults and older teens to sit.

What are Best 7 Seater SUV Canada for 2024? top features and review discussed below.

What’s the Best 7 seater SUV Canada?

There are many 7-seater SUVs available in Canada; however, which one is best for your family? The top seven 7-seater SUVs available in Canada are listed below.

1: Ford Expedition

The most recent Ford Expedition, which is available from 2018 through 2024, the greatest seven-seater SUVs in Canada with a total score of 2,591 for its standard model and 2,970 for its optional MAX body.

Keep in mind that the Expedition is an 8-seater SUV by default, but you may reduce its seating capacity to 7 by adding second-row captain’s seats.

With 1,081 mm of second-row legroom and 917 mm of third-row legroom, the Expedition offers a plenty of space for passengers of all shapes and sizes.

Additionally, the cargo capacity is 3,439 liters in the extended MAX body and up to 2,962 liters in the normal configuration. The Expedition offers 593 cubic feet of cargo space while the third row is upright.

Depending on the trim level, a 3.5-liter turbo V6 engine producing 400 horsepower and 480 lb-t of torque or 380 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque provides the power. This is sent to all four wheels via a 10-speed automatic transmission. The cabin of the 2024 Expedition is likewise loaded with features.

It includes a 12-inch touchscreen entertainment system, lane-keeping assist, a universal garage door opener, automatic emergency braking, tri-zone climate control, 4G LTE Wi-Fi, Apple Car Play, Android Auto, and more.

A used Expedition can save you a significant amount of money. The beginning price ranges for the basic model and the MAX model are $77,915 to $106,140 and $95,345 to $109,640, respectively.

2: Honda Pilot

The current Honda Pilot, which is scheduled for production from 2023 to 2024, ranks as the second-best seven-seater SUV in Canada. In terms of back roominess, this model received a decent 2,497 points. Similar to the Toyota Highlander, there are more Honda Pilot versions than the 7-passenger type. Actually, the most are SUVs with eight seats.

Nevertheless, the Trail sport model can accommodate seven people because to its second-row captain’s chairs. In addition, you receive steel skid plates, an enhanced AWD system with Trail mode, an extra 25 mm of ground clearance, and other off-road assistance features.

With 826 mm of third-row legroom and 1,036 mm of second-row legroom, the Pilot has more space overall than the Highlander.

Additionally, this seven-seater SUV is loaded with technology. Along with many other features, it has a 7-inch color instrument cluster, a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system, four USB ports, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and more. While the Honda Pilot with seven seats retails for $53,783, the Trailsport model costs $60,583.

Since the Pilot is a well-liked aircraft, it should be easy to locate a used one that meets your specifications and could even save you a few thousand dollars.

3: Hyundai Palisade

The Hyundai Palisade of the current generation is one of our top three seven-seater SUVs Canada. The 2020–2024 model has a total score of 2,384 points for back roominess.

The Hyundai Palisade carries on the tradition of offering more than just seven seats. Eight seats are included by default, however captain’s chairs are an option with the Urban trim; the Ultimate Calligraphy trim comes standard.

With its luxury design and materials, the Hyundai Palisade continues Hyundai’s recent trend of moving toward a more premium offering.

A 12.3-inch infotainment touchscreen, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, five USB ports, SiriusXM, heated front seats, adaptive cruise control, automated emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, lane-keeping assistance, lane-follow assistance, and many other features are standard on this three-row SUV.

This elegant midsize SUV is propelled by a 3.8-liter V6 engine that generates 291 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque. The conventional AWD system receives this power after passing via an eight-speed automatic transmission.

The rear seats are narrow at just 798 mm, but there is plenty of legroom in the second row (1,077 mm). With the seats upright, there is 509 liters of cargo space; with all the seats are folded, there is 2,447 liters of space.

The 2024 Palisade’s MSRP is $54,699; however, the 7-seat variants start at $57,431. To help you save a little money on your seven-seater SUV, you might be able to find a used Palisade on the open market.

4: Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer has been in production for a long time, and with every version, it gets better. The most recent model is a seven-seater SUV that can accommodate any family and has a ton of powertrain options and luxurious features.

Regarding internal space, the Explorer has decent second-row legroom (991 mm), while the third-row seating is a little cramped (813 mm).

There is also good cargo capacity, with 528 to 2,132 liters available.

There are also lots of standard features. An 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, SiriusXM, Ford MyKey, and other features are available on the 2024 Explorer.

Though they are offered as options, it is devoid of many of the driver-assist technologies and baseline safety features seen in many other family SUVs. The MSRP of the 2024 Ford Explorer is $50,670, but you might save thousands because to a healthy secondhand Explorer market.


Although there are plenty of 7-seater SUVs in Canada, these people-movers may get pricey. Top four seven seater SUV are mentioned above. There are many Canada’s leading online car seller, offers fantastic discounts on some of the greatest 7-seater SUVs available for purchase on the used market.

To guarantee they are prepared for your upcoming road trip, premium pre-owned 7-seater SUVs have undergone a thorough 210-point examination and reconditioning process. In addition,  these sellers provide a 6,000-kilometer or 90-day warranty with every car.

These SUV seller allows you to order a used 7-passenger SUV online without having to deal with the hassles of visiting the dealership and haggling over a price. You never have to haggle to get a great deal.

You also receive a test-own term of 750 km or 10 days. During that time, you can return your new SUV for a refund or trade it in for a another car if you decide you don’t love it.

Purchasing a more modern, feature-rich 7-passenger SUV? Trade-ins are also accepted by many sellers, and you can get your offer online. 


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