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The interior of your car might smell bad for a variety of reasons, including stale air, food spills, and pet fur. According to Jade Shuts, founder and director of instruction for The School for Aromatic Studies, “by using a car air freshener, you can eliminate these odors and create a more pleasant driving environment.

There are many different types of best air fresheners for car are available, from the well-known trees that hang from back view mirrors to more modern plug-in varieties.

According to Shutes, some automotive air fresheners use essential oils to encourage calm and lessen stress. Others use charcoal’s built-in odor-absorbing abilities.

Even products for specific offenders, such odorous dogs or excessive cigarette smoke, are available. Some air fresheners provide a fragrance to cover odors, while others can totally get rid of them.

We conducted market research on the top automotive air fresheners, analyzing each product’s type, fragrance, durability, and capacity to cover up or get rid of odors. Use these air fresheners to improve the inside of your car and make the journey much more pleasant.

Top 10 Air freshener for SUV Cars

Febreze Unstopables Car Fresh Vent Clips

Due to its discreet design, strong scent, and long-lasting function, Febreze Air Freshener Vent Clips take the top rank in our roundup. These small air fresheners attach to the dashboard vents of your car.

The fragrance is carried throughout your entire car thanks to the wind from the vents. At first, the smell could be a little overbearing.

On the other hand, the air freshener’s rear has a dial that may be used to change the scent’s intensity. Since they don’t distract drivers while driving, many users prefer these clips to hanging air fresheners. Additionally, they outlive the opposition by a wide margin.

These Febreze clips may effectively combat odors for several days or weeks, unlike many other air fresheners that tend to lose their scent after a few days or weeks.

Like other items in their line, Febreze air fresheners work to get rid of unpleasant aromas from the air as well as disguise scents. These clips can be bought individually, in packs of three, or eight for an even better deal, and are moderately priced.

These clips are an all-around fantastic option for a dependable car air freshener when you take into account how long they last and how well they function. 

Little Trees Black Ice Air Freshener

One of the most affordable yet recognizable air fresheners on the market is Little Trees. One of their most well-known scents, black ice, combines lemon, bergamot, and sandalwood to keep your automobile smelling good. Little Trees come in a variety of scents, from more woodsy mixtures to citrus and flowery odors. 

These trees can be hung from your rearview mirror, though some motorists might find it distracting. There are many possibilities available to you because they are tiny enough to keep almost anywhere.

To help spread the aroma, the air freshener can be positioned close to an air vent or fastened to the gear shift, the headrest, or the door handle.

These air fresheners are offered in packs of six for roughly a $1 apiece, making them a great deal. The smell doesn’t appear to linger for very long, which is the only significant drawback.

Every several weeks, they’ll probably need to be replaced. To retain the aroma and prolong its life, some users advise keeping some of the plastic wrapping on the tree. 

Glade Plugins Car Starter Kit

This useful air freshener that plugs into your car’s auxiliary port is perfect if you enjoy Glade Plugins. When your car is running, the battery heats the liquid in this best air freshener for car which releases a constant, delicious aroma.

When compared to most of the competitors, the lifespan of these plug-ins is an impressive 60 days. Additionally, they come in a variety of smells that are all infused with essential oils, such as Floral Perfection, Hawaiian Breeze, and Aqua Exhilaration. 

The plug-in’s modern style fits in perfectly with the interiors of the majority of cars. This air freshener can obstruct your upholder depending on the configuration and size of your console.

This air freshener can obstruct your cupholder depending on the configuration and size of your console.

One scent cartridge, which is easily inserted into the plug-in, is included in this kit. When the air freshener is functioning, a blue light will shine; when it needs to be replenished, the light will dim. Although the plug-in is reasonably priced, refills are somewhat expensive—almost as much as the product itself. 

Air Spencer CS-X3 Car Air Freshener & Refill

Even though we are aware that perceptions of smell might vary, practically everyone seems to concur that the Air Spencer CS-X3 has a fantastic perfume. Although fresh squash is mentioned as the smell, the description is inaccurate.

In reality, it smells pleasant and citrusy, which most users find to be reviving and some have even said reminds them of Juicy Fruit gum. The CS-X3 is one of the more expensive alternatives in our roundup, especially when you take the price of refill cartridges into account.

It is imported from Japan. However, we believe that the investment was well worth it due to its alluring aroma and cutting-edge design.  

Using the double-sided tape that is provided, you may attach this air freshener to your dashboard. However, under direct sunlight, the aroma immediately fades. We advise putting it under your car seats because of this.

The fragrance cartridges are refillable, and a sliding louver allows you to adjust the scent’s intensity. The CS-X3 has a sleek, contemporary style that is generally unobtrusive in most automobiles, although being slightly more noticeable than alternative options. 

Chemical Guys Leather Scent Premium Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator

With a few short spritzes, our Chemical Guys air freshener spray neutralizes and gets rid of scents. One of their most popular selections, the Leather Scent, imitates the fresh scent of brand-new upholstery.

Additionally, this mixture includes enzymes that obliterate odor-producing chemicals in your car. The ability to fully regulate the amount of air freshener produced is another benefit of a spray solution.  

We advise placing this air freshener under the foot wells or underneath the seats rather than directly on the seats. If not, you can discover that your clothing has a leathery smell.

Several reports that we received said that the nozzle leaked, clogged, or didn’t spray evenly. Always execute a few test sprays to make sure there are no spills or accidents.

Reviews on durability are conflicted. While some claim that the product lasts for several weeks, others claim that it just lasts for a day or two. A 16-ounce bottle should, nonetheless, last a long time because the mix is concentrated. 

California Scents Car Air Freshener

One of the longest-lasting and best air fresheners for car on this list, these tiny tins from California Scents may keep your car smelling good for 60 days or more.

These spill-proof cans, unlike gel solutions, have wood fiber blocks for efficient deodorizing and are small enough to fit in most cup holders. Some claim that the aroma might initially be rather overpowering.

The amount of scent discharged, however, can be adjusted using the vented top.

These 1.5-ounce flavored cans can be purchased separately or in bundles. Coronado Cherry, Monterey Vanilla, and Laguna Breeze are just a few of the aromas that each pack contains and make you think of California.

Many stores, including Walmart, sell them separately, which is perfect if you only want to try one before buying a full supply. Customers who care about the environment will appreciate that these aluminum cans are recyclable.   

Ozium Odor Eliminator Gel

The tiny jar that holds Ozium gel can be placed just about anyplace in your car. You may put it in your cup holder or tuck it away beneath the seat.

This gel solution is an excellent alternative for setting it and forgetting it, as opposed to sprays that demand multiple applications. Ozium is a potent odor remover and air freshener that is useful in getting rid of lingering cigarette smoke odors. 

There isn’t a specific scent mentioned, but from what we’ve read, it can be powerful or unpleasant at first. The good news is that the odor usually goes away after a few days. You can regulate the scent level using this container’s adjustable lid.

By partially venting the holes on the top of the lid, you can further lengthen the life of the air freshener. This versatile air freshener can be used pretty much anyplace there may be offensive aromas, including the trash can, the locker room, the bathroom, and the car. 

RoyAroma Car Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

With the aid of this essential oil diffuser, you can employ aromatherapy to mask offensive scents.  Two elegant stainless steel diffusers with a Tree of Life motif are included in the package.

They have a back clip that makes it simple to fasten them to the air vents in your automobile. Additionally, this set comes with 12 felt pads in various colors.

To create your own air freshener, all you have to do is add a few drops of your preferred essential oil to the felt pad and set it within the diffuser. The vents in your car’s interior will aid in spreading the fragrance. Please take note that this package does not include with any perfumes or essential oils; you must provide your own. 

The kind of oil you use has a big impact on how long they last and how effective they are. Basil, frankincense, and other herbaceous or resinous oils, as well as amber, have a tendency to last longer than citrus or floral oils. Essential oils can ease tension and keep you awake while driving in addition to getting rid of odors.  

Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag

The Moso Natural Air Purifying Bags employ activated charcoal to absorb odors, moisture, and contaminants in your car. This product is our top pick for a natural automobile air freshener since, unlike many others, it doesn’t include any synthetic fragrances or chemicals.

You may put the chic linen bag with the charcoal practically anyplace in your automobile. 200 grams of activated bamboo charcoal, or enough to purify up to 90 square feet of air, are contained in each bag.

This air freshener can last up to two years, which is an extremely long lifespan. However, you must expose the bag to the sun for one hour once a month for it to remain effective.

These bags are substantially more expensive than alternatives, but they offer all-natural, extraordinarily long-lasting odor control that makes the cost worthwhile. The Moso bags can be used in many areas of the house, including closets, bathrooms, pet spaces, and vehicles. 

One Fur All Pet Car Air Freshener

Do you enjoy taking your dog for rides but detest the stench they leave behind in the car? To avoid having to leave your furry buddy at home, purchase a pack of One Fur All Pet Car Air Fresheners.

They are available in many different scents made from essential oils, such as apple cider, lavender, green tea, and cucumber mint.

These air fresheners are okay to have around inquisitive dogs because they don’t include dyes, phthalates, or parabens. The best part is that they also have an odor neutralizer that gets rid of unpleasant pet odors and leaves your car smelling great.

These best air fresheners for cars come in packs of four and are reasonably priced. Its attraction is only increased by its paw-shaped design.

Additionally, you can combine many smells into a single order. On the durability of these air fresheners, we found conflicting evaluations. According to some customers, the odor only lasts for a few days to a few weeks at most. Over time, the cost will rise dramatically as a result of having to replace them regularly.  

How often should I change my car air freshener?

Your choice of car air freshener will determine all of this. The majority of synthetic car fresheners have a lifespan of several weeks to months.

The typical lifespan of cardboard air fresheners, which are frequently hung from rearview mirrors, is 30 days. The lifespan of cans, plug-ins, and vent clips is usually one to two months.

Jade Shutes, the founder and director of education for The School for Aromatic Studies, advises that if you use essential oils in a car diffuser, you may need to touch up with additional essential oils at least once per week.

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