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Imagine being in a hurry to get someplace and discovering that the steering wheel lock has locked you out of your own car. Dealing with a situation when an unforeseen arises can be difficult and time-consuming. Fortunately, we have a solution for you in this post!

In order to disable a steering wheel lock, we will walk you through the procedure with simple, understandable steps.

As a result, if you’ve ever wondered how to disable the steering wheel lock, read on and bid farewell to the inconvenience of being locked p of your car.

What is a Steering wheel lock and what is its function

In order to prevent unauthorized usage of a vehicle, a steering wheel lock, sometimes referred to as a steering wheel immobilizer, locks the steering mechanism. The steering wheel usually has a mechanical or electronic mechanism attached to it that keeps it from turning.

Steering wheel locks are primarily used to prevent theft and increase parking lot security. A steering wheel lock’s main goal is to make it harder for thieves to take control of the car and drive it away. Potential criminals can see the lock and may be deterred from attempting to steal the vehicle because it serves as a visible deterrent.

While there are many different designs for steering wheel locks, the majority of them all feature a metal bar or arm that extends from the lock and fastens to the steering wheel.

By securing it with a key or a combination lock, the lock is kept in place. In some contemporary steering wheel locks, cutting-edge electrical features like keyless entry or immobilization technology may be present. Even while a steering wheel lock might be a useful anti-theft tool, it’s crucial to remember that no security solution is 100% perfect.

Thieves that are persistent and skillful may still manage to get around the lock or remove it. Therefore, it is advised to utilize extra security measures in addition to a steering wheel lock, such as car alarms, tracking systems, or steering column locks.

Why there is a need to disable the steering wheel lock?

To prevent your car From steeling it is important to lock your steering wheel. But in some circumstances, it needs to be turned off such as when the key is misplaced or the lock is broken. In certain circumstances, it could be essential to unlock the door in order to operate the vehicle.

It is crucial to keep in mind that turning off the steering wheel lock could not be permitted in all legal systems and might even damage the car’s warranty. Before attempting to turn off any security feature on a car, it is always advised to get professional advice.

Step by Step Instructions on How to Disable a Steering Wheel Lock

How to Disable a Steering Wheel LockWithout a key, there are three major ways to unlock your steering wheel.

To unlock your steering wheel and start your automobile, simply follow our detailed instructions.

Things you will need:

  • Hammer
  • WD40
  • Screwdrivers
  • Compressed air
  • Ignition system replacement
  • Electrical cleaner

Method 01: Using a Key

To answer the question that How to disable the steering wheel lock There is a method of using the key in which you have four choices to unlock the steering wheel lock.

  • Turn the steering wheel to the left and right while turning the key in the ignition. This technique ought to resolve any accidental steering wheel locking. To prevent further harm to the locking system, turn the steering wheel gently and without exerting excessive pressure.
  • Consider using a backup key if the primary one breaks. The ignition key may occasionally be the problem. Keys can fail and warp occasionally.
  • Spray some WD40 into the ignition key port if none of the aforementioned fixes work. After that, turn the ignition key back and forth. The key may not turn due to dirt, debris, or solidification of the lock tumblers. Replace the lock cylinder if lubrication renders the steering wheel lock inoperable.
  • If applying WD40 doesn’t help, try halfway inserting the key and giving it a soft tap with a hammer. If you try this method, you must exercise caution because the lock may be damaged by the force and angle you employ.

Method 02: Ignition Set Replacement

You might need the assistance of your mechanic for this way of unlocking the steering wheel on your car because it calls for additional technical know-how. Other cars, like a Ford, have ignition systems that are significantly more difficult to remove.

The general procedure for removing and changing the ignition key system on your car is as follows:

  • By removing the screws holding the bottom fork of the hoist, you can remove the column panels in the steering wheel.
  • To disconnect the top column, pull down the bottom column while pushing the cover’s tab.
  • To remove the lock cylinder, find the lock release tab in the ignition lock system. Turn the ignition key until the cylinder travels backward while depressing the release tab. You might need to give it a few tries.
  • Replace the cylinder lock in the steering column to install a new ignition lock system, making that the lock tab is properly seated. Before changing the column, be sure the key returns completely. Afterward, try using the old key to unlock the new ignition lock.
  • Reinstall the columns, beginning with the higher section and moving down to the lower section. Make sure all the clips fit and lock firmly, and tighten all the screws.

Method 03: Losing sticky locks

Check the level of the power steering fluid before using this procedure because not enough or no steering fluid can make the problem worse.

  • A little electrical cleaner should be poured into the ignition keyhole.
  • To work the cleaner in, place your key into the ignition and slowly turn it back and forth. Clean the debris out of the keyhole by blowing compressed air through it. The ignition can become clogged with dirt, dust, and other debris, making it difficult for the key to turn and lock the steering wheel.
  • To get rid of any debris lodged in the keyhole, carefully pull the turn key in and out of the ignition several times. It aids in removing any leftover dirt by liquefying it.
  • Check your key to make sure it isn’t bent or otherwise damaged. Any rounded or warped teeth on the key will not sufficiently engage the ignition cylinder’s pins to cause it to spin. As a result, the key cannot turn properly. You will need to get a replacement key from your car dealership if the original is too damaged.

How To Disable Steering Wheel Lock On A Push To Start The Vehicle

Different vehicles have various steering and ignition systems. While some modern automobiles have keyless entry, some are key-operated, and still, others have cutting-edge computerized steering systems, all of these vehicles include a push button that can start the engine. As a result, they lack ignition ports where the car’s keys can be inserted.

If your vehicle is push-to-start, you can tell whether the steering wheel lock has engaged by looking at the following:

  • After depressing the brakes and pushing the push button, the automobile won’t start.
  • A push button will begin to flash.
  • Your dashboard will display a notice warning you that the steering has locked.

The two methods for unlocking a steering wheel-push-start automobile are as follows:

  • First, depress the brake pedal, place your left hand on the steering wheel, and then slowly turn from left to right while pushing the button.
  • Removing your foot from the brake pedal will allow you to double-press the button and move the steering wheel back and forth.

Some other methods to disable the steering wheel lock

The steering wheel mechanism

For some older car types, breaking the steering wheel mechanism is a practical solution. By exerting enough force on the steering wheel, you can achieve this and possibly break the pin that holds the steering wheel lock mechanism together.

However, because they made the pins more rigid, this alternative is bad for newer cars and might not even be a possibility. If you choose one of our other solutions, you risk doing greater harm to the steering column. If your car is older, you might only want to utilize this procedure as a last option.

Pick the lock 

Picking the lock and turning the ignition to release the steering wheel lock is another antiquated technique. Although it can take some practice, it is feasible to pick the lock in order to only unlock the steering wheel lock.

Most cars built after the 1990s include technologies that make it impossible to start the car in this way. Without the proper key, you won’t be able to start the vehicle because of an engine immobilizer.

You will eventually need to replace the ignition to operate the car normally, even if you can pick the lock. Let’s look at what you can do if you have the car key, even if these techniques work best if you don’t have one at all.

Is it possible to Disable The Steering Wheel Lock Without The Key?

Yes! Unlocking a steering wheel without a key is possible in two ways: by switching out the ignition lock system or by loosening the locks with an electrical cleaner.

It’s important to note that you must have an auto professional change the ignition lock on your vehicle. However, with some compressed air and an electrical cleaner, you may quickly remove stubborn dirt by yourself.


To conclude we may say that you may learn how to disable steering wheel locks in a variety of ways through this article, both with and without a key. With a few tools from your neighborhood auto shop, you can easily perform the first two ways; but, the third option is extremely technical and calls for a specialist.

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